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Student Employment

Earlham College students provide valuable work and thoughtful input to many of our administrative and academic offices.

Student employment is more than just income for a student; it’s a chance for you to provide mentorship and meaningful work experiences that enhance our students’ post-graduate outcomes. Student employees can fulfill a variety of roles on our campus. Our goal is to ensure that they are engaged in work that allows them to build transferable skills that can translate into their future careers. As a supervisor, you can best serve our students by helping them develop communication, decision-making, problem-solving and analytical skills through their work.

Departments at Earlham can request a budget for student workers during the annual budget request process. There are three types of student employment at Earlham:

  • Federal College Work-Study. These students have been awarded federal aid through the Federal College Work-Study program, allowing them the option to work and earn money on campus as a part of their financial aid.
  • Earlham College Work Award. This is an Earlham program offered to international students who are not eligible for Federal College Work-Study, and works in a similar way to FCWS.
  • Non-Award. Some departments may have funds for non-award students in their budgets. If this is the case for you, you are able to hire any student, regardless of their Work-Study or work award status.

If your department has a budget for either Federal College Work-Study or Work Award students, you may hire students from either category.

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